“I believe that people should be seen, heard, and loved as they are.”

– Mark Kurian

Who Is Mark Kurian?

Raised in the heart of Hollywood, Mark Kurian has the background and name recognition to command respect and credibly influence those who come in contact with him personally and professionally.

A formidable international and digital presence, Mark Kurian has been in the bright spotlight for much of his career. His work in publishing, entertainment and speaking tours have profoundly shaped who he is today.

Independently and collaboratively, Mark captures the attention and engagement of nearly one million unique visitors on a weekly basis.


If interviewing people is an art form designed to dig deeper and reveal hidden truths, Mark is a prolific artist with an enormous body of work. His natural inclination to lean in and extract interesting stories, side notes, character quirks and all the things we find fascinating about people made him a natural fit for a magazine publisher. He founded Beverly Hills Lifestyle in 2008, and that platform has offered him endless opportunities to dive deep into the lives of Hollywood’s most fascinating people, almost daily.

A Mission of Love and Acceptance

“The Man of 10,000 Friends”

Mark’s mission is to focus his experience and expertise in a way that educates and elevates every person he encounters. He has an innate and extraordinary way of connecting with people, bringing out their best. He is blessed with a network of people who unabashedly call him a friend. His network includes high quality individuals who are the best in their respective fields. He is known in his vast circles as a man who treats everyone with the same level of respect and love. 

Friendship is born the minute one person says to the other, “What? You too? I thought I was the only one.” – C.S. Lewis 

Join Forces With Mark Kurian

Let’s Talk About It.

Mark is ready to work with you to market your brand to his active followers. Through his work with Beverly Hills Lifestyle, he has built a platform for adding value to over 150 brands with his company, Jones Kurian Global. JKG is a full service public relations firm, working with high profile clients both domestic and international. 

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